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Upholstery spray is great for changing the colour of things like couches, dining chairs, car upholstery, cushions and much more.  
It will not lighten, so you will need to select a colour that is darker than your fabric. 
It works with most fabrics but if the fabric is too synthetic the dye may not be able to soak in.  We advise that you splash some water on your fabric to see if it absorbs.  If the water beads on top or rolls off then it is not absorbent enough.

Click here for tips to help you to work out how many cans you will need.


Outdoor Fabric Spray is a water proofing treatment that also freshens the colour of the fabric.  It can be used on any fabric but it is recommended that you stay within the same colour palette.  
When applied it creates a vinyl like water proof layer to the fabric that will repel water.  It does change the texture of the fabric.  Great for outdoor umbrellas and outdoor furniture.  


Soft fabric spray is part of our craft range, it comes in a smaller can and is intended for small projects like children's T-shirts.  
It can be used to stencil or to spray freehand. 
It is fabulous for creating a Tie-dye effect.  See our project sheets page for inspiration,



Stencil Paint is also part of our craft range, it is not a dye so it does not soak into the fabric.  It creates a screen printed texture on the fabric.  We recommend that you use a simple design stencil while you get the hang of it.  The paint is quite thick so it does not spray in a mist, it is quite a strong stream so you need to make sure you spray as lightly as possible to avoid bleeding under the stencil.  It can be sprayed into a dish and painted on with a paintbrush.

Paint it Black is fantastic for freshening up black clothing that has faded.  
It will work on all absorbent fabrics and is permanent.  
It may make the fabric feel a little crisp but it will go back to normal with use.


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