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Store / Simply Spray Puff Paint

Simply Spray Puff Paint is a non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol paint that creates a dimensional effect on light or dark cotton, canvas, nylon, denim and leather fabrics. The opaque paint is permanent, fast drying and safe to wash and dry (recommended waiting 72 hours before washing). Puff Paint will spray in a thick stream. For best results spray light coats, let dry for an hour and repeat spraying to get desired color. To create “puff” effect, heat with hair dryer until paint rises. Project is complete when paint has risen and is no longer shiny.

Puff Paint can be used to personalize and embellish light or dark materials and is available in white and black. When using with stencils, make sure to adhere stencil design to materials and cover areas not to be painted. Safe and fun for kids or for indoor use.

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