The Simply Spray Holiday Pack contains 3 different colours of Simply Spray. The spray can be used to customise your own clothes, bags, or any other item made of fabric.
The colours blend together to create new shades. You can create tie-die effects instantly. Just pop the tab, squeeze the trigger and Simply Spray. Each pack contains enough paint to make approximately 12 tie-dye T-shirts.

The kit contains 1 can of each of the following colours:
Hunter Green
Poppy Red

Environmentally-friendly propellant. Hands wash clean with soap and water. Can be used by children age 5+ years with appropriate supervision.

Please note that due to NZ anti-graffiti regulations, you must be aged 18 years or over to purchase this product. Purchasers warrant to use this product responsibly and for proper purposes only.

Simply Spray Holiday Pack 1

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$29.95Sale Price

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