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  • How many cans will I need for my project?

* Because furniture varies so much in size, color, and material, it is not possible

to say exactly how many cans you will require for your specific project.


* Figuring out how much you will need is not easy but the general rule is 1 can

per 1sqm. 

* Below is a rough guide - please note it is not possible to give an exact
number as each type of fabric responds differently, please continue reading to
be aware of all factors to consider.

Office chairs: 1 x can should be enough for two office chairs.


Arm chair: 3 x cans should be enough for this application.


Recliner: 6 x cans should be enough for this application.


Standard size sofa / couch: 8-12 x cans should be enough for this application.


Car interior: 6 to 12 cans, depending on the size of the vehicle.


* This is tricky to work out when referring to a piece of furniture but some things

to take into account are the weave and the style.  If the weave is bulky and

thick it will use more than a thin, fine weave.  If it is a velvet type fabric it will

use even more as each strand adds up to more surface are


* If you are changing from a light colour to a dark colour you will use

significantly more than if you were simply darkening an already dark colour.

* If the fabric is sewn with lots of ruffles and detailing this will also use more as

opposed to a flat design.

* You will need to test your fabric to check that it is absorbent, if it is too high in

synthetic fibres or if it has been Scotch Guarded it will not absorb the spray.

Different fabrics combinations will use more or less of the paint.  

 Some tips to get the most out of a can are;

* Spray 20cms away from the fabric. 

* Spray lightly in multiple coats, allowing it to dry between coats, to stop the

dye pushing through to the stuffing inside the cushioning.






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