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Store / Simply Spray Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark Technology works by absorbing and releasing light. This release of light is only visible in the dark.

For best results, wash and dry fabrics before painting and do not use fabric softeners. Glow in the Dark Soft Fabric Paint creates glow effects on apparel, kids projects, decorations and crafts without hardening or stiffening materials. Painted materials should be charged by light for at least 10 minutes and will hold a charge for about 30 minutes. Glow in the Dark Paint works best in total darkness or under a black light and does not need to be charged when used under black light. Safe for kids and a fun, non-permanent paint tool! 2.5 oz. aerosol can.

Charging time for glow in the dark products depend on the light source and its brightness. The best light source for charging glow products are those with UV rays in them. Examples would be sunlight or UV black light.

The brightness of glow in the dark products depend on how much light it has absorbed (charging capacity). We would recommend at least 10 min in direct sunlight, (or 15-20 on cloudy days).

It is perfect for kid's room  soft curtain decorations and holiday fabric decor. The garment will glow for about 30minutes. This Glow in the Dark Paint is not Permanent, it will wash out of fabric when put in the rain or in a washing machine.




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